Frequently Asked Questions 

Is There a Tuition?

There's NO tuition. We're a tuition-free, charter public school and receive per pupil funding from the State of Michigan just as every other public school does.

What Are the Requirements for Admission?

As a public school, requirements for admission are similar to any other public school. Enrollment is open to Michigan students in grades K-8. Kindergarten students must be 5 years old by September 1st.

Class sizes are limited, which sometimes means students must be placed on a waiting list if there are more applications than spots available. Students are admitted to Woodland through an annual lottery held each March.

Are Woodland Teachers Certified?

Yes. Woodland teachers are certified and registered with the State of Michigan.

What Do People Say Are the Best Things About the School?

Parents value the warm, safe, community-like atmosphere, student and teacher driven classrooms, small class sizes, and hands on approach to learning that Woodland provides.

The access to the outdoors, complete arts program, and high staff retention rates are also frequently mentioned.

Notably, parents also value the confidence, personal responsibility, and leadership skills their children develop while at Woodland School.

What Is Your Philosophy?

We believe that children are served best by helping them to develop confidence, skill, and personal responsibility in three key aspects of learning: core academics (arts and sciences), developing individual talents and interests, and serving family, community, and country. These aspects often overlap one another.
We believe it's important to achieve a good balance between required learning and learning that is freely chosen according to the talents and interests of the child.

We also believe that children progress best when they're able to move forward at a rate that challenges them individually but does not overwhelm them.
Students at Woodland School take the MEAP on the same schedule as every other public school. We also use the NWEA as another measurement guide.

Our overall scores compare favorably with state averages; however, many students score much higher than state averages.
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What About the Curriculum? Do You Follow the State Standards?

Yes, we use the Michigan Curriculum Standards as a basic framework that's embedded in our unique multi-age continual progress educational program.

Do the Students Have Music, Art, and PE?

Yes! Woodland has a strong Arts program that includes drama, band, vocal music and visual arts. Students also benefit from a PE program that K-3 students participate in and 3-8 students elect.
Learning to make good choices and building confidence are hallmarks of a Woodland School education. These skills serve students well when they move on from our program.

Is There Transportation?

Parents are responsible for driving their children to and from school or arranging a carpool. For a fee, bussing is available from designated pick-up and drop-off points through Kalkaska Public Transit and BATA.
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Is There a Before or After-School Day-Care Program?

No, we do not provide before or after school childcare.
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Do You Have Extracurricular Activities?

Yes. Cross country is offered for 6 weeks in the fall.
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Are Parents Welcome to Visit and /or Volunteer?

We encourage parents to be an active part of the school community. They're always welcome to arrange a time with their child's teacher to visit or to volunteer in the classroom! We also have an active parent group, the Woodland Family Council.
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What Are the Typical School Day Hours?

Monday through Thursday the school operates from 8:25 AM - 3:30 PM. On Friday, the school operates from 8:25 AM - 2:00 PM.
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