Where Education Becomes a "Uniquely Woodland" Experience

As one of the first charter schools in the state, Woodland School serves as a vibrant example of a healthy learning community.

Nestled within 250 acres of wooded land, our K-8 program provides a curriculum that is aligned with state standards but delivered in a way that promotes real life connections, student engagement, and a deep love of learning.
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Woodland School

Why Woodland?

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  • 1-to-20 average teacher-to-student ratio
  • Student and teacher-driven course content
  • Individualized and engaging curriculum
  • High staff retention rates
  • Authentic experiences, and a natural community environment
  • Multi-age classrooms for grades K through 8
  • Complete arts program
  • Tuition-FREE education
These are merely a few details that set our program apart from others. To learn about our enrollment process, call us.
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