Program Overview

Empowering Students Since 1996

Woodland School began in 1996 when a group of determined educators united with a common goal. These teachers knew there was a more meaningful way for students to learn. Over twenty years later, Woodland School is the lasting product of their vision and passion. As one of the first charter schools in the state, Woodland serves as a prime example of a healthy learning community. We’re a tuition-FREE, public charter school. Call us at 231-947-7474.
Woodland School understands the importance of providing the curriculum that is engaging and interesting to students.
  • Our curriculum is student and teacher driven
  • It encourages problem-solving and real-life connections
  • It's differentiated to meet students where they are, while continually promoting growth
  • It exceeds State standards and is aligned to the common core
Happy Kids
We value the importance of a varied and balanced education. Our language arts, math, and science programs are complemented by in-depth art, theater, and music courses.

These courses, in conjunction with the community building, leadership, and personal initiative skills that are cultivated here, ensure that Woodland School graduates transition smoothly into high school and beyond.
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In simple terms, teachers who are passionate about what they do and where they are, inspire those around them! Our multi-age classrooms provide continuity, individualized learning, and lasting connections. We have:
  • 1:20 average teacher-to-student ratio
  • Multi-age classrooms
  • High-staff retention rates (low turnover in staff)
Nestled within 250 acres of wooded land with several ponds and numerous trails, Woodland School has an unparalleled campus.

The variety of natural environments and easy access to the natural world provide the basis for many “uniquely Woodland” experiences. 
Since 1996, Woodland School has been practicing its mission to help students like yours to progressively improve their ability to understand well and respond well to others and the world around them.

Your child will prosper in a learning environment where students and teachers drive the content together through passion, service, and wisdom.
  • Passion - Develop their talents and interests
  • Service - Mature in their understanding of democratic processes and contributions to the community
  • Wisdom - Acquire the skills and knowledge of the past and present through math, science, history, English, music, art, and more, while improving their talents, strengthening their service potential, and enriching their general ability to respond well to life's opportunities and challenges
Woodland School has three villages or learning communities:
  • The Primary Village - kindergarten through 3rd grade: Children enter a caring community that promotes kindness, cooperation, responsibility, academic exploration, and nurtures their natural desire to experience and enjoy the world around them
  • The Middle Village - 3rd through 5th grade: Students continue to develop their skills with increased emphasis on student initiative, problem-solving aspect, critical thinking, and perseverance
  • The Upper Village - 6th through 8th grade: Students expand their independence and decision-making skills with the assistance of our caring staff. Upper Village students are engaged in a deeper level of learning that requires focus and personal determination. Woodland students exit our program ready to engage with the world around them in a positive, meaningful way
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